25 Reasons Your Website Needs A Callback Widget

why your website needs a callback widget

It’s 2021, every website should have a callback widget for converting live web visitors into live phone leads. This gives your visitors a easy way to reach you and your company representatives through your website.

What’s a “callback widget”?

It’s a widget placed on a website that a website visitor can enter their phone number so that they can receive an immediate phone call back.

Some might confuse this with a “click-to-call”, where a person clicks on a number found on a website to make a call.

How can callback widgets be used for an online entrepreneur?

Most will add to their main website however any web page that you want to convert traffic into leads are good places as well, like landing pages, ecoomerce websites, customer support pages, booking pages and more.

1. More Leads

Who doesn’t love more business leads?

Our callback widget is proven to increase leads after it’s been installed on your website.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of every great company, adding a callback widget to your website helps your customer service team.

Your current customers love the ease of connecting with your reps without any red tape searching for contact information.

3. Sales

Sales teams love being able to connect with live calls immediately without the dreaded “follow-up” hassles of tracking leads down.

Being able to be the first contact for someone searching for services you’re offering means you have a dramatically higher sales closing rate.

4. Trust

When people know that you are easy to get in touch with, they feel more secure in giving you their business.

BounceHelp’s callback widget helps give your company an omnichannel point of contact for any potential buyers, clients or current customers.

5. Marketing

When you add a callback widget to your website, you enhance all your ongoing marketing efforts.

You want to give a website visitor every ability and excuse to connect with you and your team.

6. Lead Acquisition Costs

The more leads your are able to convert from website traffic means your cost per lead decreases.

Our callback widget is designed and battle tested since 2015 to make sure your website is converting visitors into live calls.

7. Marketing Budget

Better conversion rates means lower costs for your marketing budget, when every penny counts.

Adding a callback widget on your website is a proven way to be able to convert more leads and maximize your marketing Dollars to use in other forms and strategies.

8. Lead Follow Up

A lot of sales can get lost in the follow up process, it’s time consuming, website Visitors misspell email address, mistype phone numbers and are filling out 5 other forms somewhere else and nobody likes doing it.

Adding a callback widget allows you to connect with leads faster without losing them.

9. Better Website Experience

Making the website user experience a good one is one of the best things a business owner can do to help attract new clients and convert web visitors to leads.

Adding a callback widget gives your website visitors an “Always Available” way to connect without having to search your website for forms or contact information.

10. Customization

You, your business and your website are unique, we understand this.

No cookie cut software with our callback widget, you can customize the text, color, positioning and more to fit your branding and business model.

11. Affordability

Our callback widget pricing is designed for affordability whether big or small, businesses love our pricing.

No contracts, no monthly subscription costs, we only charge when our callback tool captures a new lead for you.

12. Easy To Use

Callback software is extremely easy to use from setup to implementation.

We have designed our user accounts to walk you through every step without confusion to setup your website URL, where you want to receive phone numbers, lead alert and missed call alert emails and SMS messages.

13. Advertising Tracking

Once installed on your website, our callback widget will start monitoring different data points for you.

Part of this is the ability to tell what websites a visitor came from prior to visiting your website, knowing this can help you see where your marketing Dollars are being well spent at.

14. Call Tracking

Our callback widget issues you a tracking phone number that you can see all data for.

Date and time of the call, city and region of the call, call recording, the previous website a desktop visitor was before visiting your website, all inside your user account.

15. CTA (Call To Action)

Every single website needs CTA’s for better traffic conversions, our callback widget suite has multiple.

You may have some already on your website for filling out a form, our powerful lead conversion tools will help take your conversions to the next level.

16. Stops Profit Leaks

Most websites currently have a massive profit leak on their websites, they have forms for “form people” and they have live chats for “chat people” but no live phone software for “phone people”.

Simply by adding a callback widget you help give another option for people to contact you that most of your competitors do not have.

17. Increased ROI

Adding a callback widget to your website increases your ROI in several ways.

With no contracts and monthly subscriptions, you’ll be happy to only pay for the leads converted, you’ll find your cost per lead decreases and your overall marketing ROI is increased.

18. Employee Satisfaction

Let’s face it, employee’s hate learning new software, they just want to do their job with as little friction as possible.

Once you have added a callback widget to your website all your employees need to do is answer calls, they will also love being able to speak to more leads, help customers faster and follow up less.

19. Call Recording

Every call is recorded for you to keep if needed.

If you forgot to write down a phone number wrong, or misspelled a name or email, simply login to your callback widget account and replay the audio recording.

20. Faster Employee Training

A callback widget is easy to use for any new employee, all they need to do is answer the phone.

Downloadable call recordings can be shared with new employees to help train any new hires to your company.

21. Quality Leads

You’ve created your website and marketing to attract your perfect client.

BounceHelp’s callback widget only engages with your web visitors that have shown interest in your content and have been on your website for a length of time, meaning better more quality leads.

22. Set & Forget

Once you’ve added a callback widget on your website and configure it once, there is not a need to change any settings ever again.

23. Easy To Use For Website Visitors

A callback widget is extremely easy to use for any website visitor.

A visitor only needs to add a phone number they want called back to and if they want a call at a certain time, simply choose this, that’s it.

24. Integration

A callback widget can be used with WordPress, Shopify, Wix or any other website, CMS platform.

Using with your current lead management or CRM system, like Zendesk, SalesForce, Hubspot, with a callback widget  is easy, no complicated software or steps to set up.

25. Free Callback Widget

Our callback widget is free for your website visitors to use, making it a no brainer for a potential lead to use.

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