Advertising Channels

Advertising Channels

Advertising channels

Using Bounce technology is the best choice of software to track your Advertising Channels incoming calls.

Multi channel advertising is become more and more popular, and for good reason. The question, when using different campaigns, is how can you effectively track your advertising channels? Call tracking is necessary if you want to know what your best advertisement campaigns are, for incoming calls. While we all have the best intentions of asking callers where they had seen our ads…. most of us don’t bother to ask. We either forget to ask, or maybe we are to excited for the call, or maybe sometimes feel like we might irritate the caller. And when we do ask, does the caller always give a the answer you were looking for? Do they even remember what advertisment was the one that prompted them to make that call?

Is your company using multiple landing pages? What websites are sending you the best and most qualified leads? Are you spending more in advertising than you need to? Are your CTA’s (Call To Actions) working? Using call tracking software is the best way to answer these questions, and increase your overall marketing campaigns. Being able to target your best advertising channels, means you can laser in on what works, not just what someone else is telling you works. Smart website engagement is the name of the game here. Let’s face the facts, bad advertising campaigns cost you, and the business a lot of Dollars.


Bad Advertising Campaigns That Look Good

So your website is getting a lot of traffic, so your online advertising campaign is good right? The answer to that question really comes down to website conversions, how many times do you Connect with visitors? Now you might be saying, “So what! It’s all in the numbers, the more website traffic, means more website sales”. Here is the problem, if traffic is not the RIGHT traffic, this can actually hurt your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Now you’re spending more on SEO services, or advertising clicks, to make up for the loss of organic traffic. When website visitors, land on your website, and abandon your page right away, this increases your bounce rate. Websites with higher bounce rates do not look good in Google’s eyes, so they can rank your site farther down the search results, wanting good content for users using their search engine.


Best Advertising Campaigns Online Sales Training

Whether you’re advertising on other platforms, running a PPC campaign, or email marketing, you have expensive traffic that costs you money visiting your site. What are you doing to engage every single visitor? Good online marketers know the value of qualified traffic, and measure these metrics on conversions from their online sales. Let’s look at an example. I will use two Attorneys using different advertising channels for their lead generation. Both marketing Attorneys believe they are getting the best results.

Attorney 1: Does not use call tracking software.

Multiple advertising outlets online = YES

receives 100 calls a month from all marketing sources.

Attorney 1 Has NO CLUE what channels are working the and is unable to determine the best way to increase his overall marketing success.

Average conversion rate = 10%

best advertising channels

Attorney 2: Uses Bounce technology call tracking software.

Multiple advertising outlets online = YES

receives 100 calls a month from all marketing sources.

Attorney 2 KNOWS EXACTLY what channels are working the best and able to put more money into these campaigns to increase his online conversions.

Average conversion rate = 30%advertising channel

In this example you can see which Lawyer is able Connect with customers better. And the conversion rates are very conservative, bounce technology has been proven to increase incoming sales calls by three times. Also keep in mind, knowing where you’re MORE qualified leads come from, enables you to concentrate on generating more targeted advertising campaigns that get results. Knowing what platforms perform better, gives you the data you need to make better marketing strategies work. These are the decisions that can make or break a business.


Call Tracking Metrics

If you’re running different advertising campaigns online, you will massively increase your conversions by knowing your call track data. Having smart website engagement details at your fingertips, means smarter decisions. Here is a short example list of the detailed metric information you get when you get your bounce number, and software, after you sign up for your free account.

  • Know where converted traffic traffic came from.
  • Be able to track what leads or qualified or not.
  • How much traffic is being sent over from your channels.
  • Log phone numbers of incoming calls.
  • Record every call for later uses, sales training, customer service issues, infor retrieval, etc.
  • Detailed metrics on what is working and what is not.
  • Unique visitor analytic report.
  • Unique call tracking number.
  • And much more..


Sales Call Tracking

Using Bounce Help CRM reporting is made easy with our user friendly member dashboard. There is no big learning curve, everything is designed to allow businesses to do what they want to do, answer more calls, talk to more clients, and make more online sales.

call tracking


CRM Dashboard

In the example screenshots, you can see which lead capture App converted a visitor into an incoming call. The website is the site the lead capture was converted on, track all your websites from one account. The Date & Time can help you determine when your best incoming call times are, and you can adjust your staff, or business hours accordingly. The CRM will collect the phone number, and is also capable of pushing your lead to other CRMs your company may be using, such as, and others. The Source will tell you exactly where the lead capture came from. In the example data below, we see the captured leads were organic traffic from Google, Bing and one other referring website. Listen to every recorded conversation, filter the calls by sales representatives, dates, etc. Export data into detailed reports for your sales meetings, or advertising channel records.


best advertising channels


Advanced Technology

Your marketing budget is your life blood for your online success, if you’re doing Social Media Marketing, or going after organic traffic with SEO, or advertising platforms like Google Adsense. You need to be able to track your Dollars. Most people consider losing over 50% of their traffic, through website abandonment, just part of “Doing online advertising”.

BH’s technological advances in behavioral marketing allows sales engagement with every visitor on your site. See how it works here. Businesses can save thousands of Dollars in website designing, for CTA’s, and get better results. Why is this crucial in the sales process for online marketing success? Without aggressive “Call To Actions” your website visitor does not always know what it is you want them to do. Are they supposed to call you? Maybe find your contact page and fill out a form with their personal contact information, wondering if they will be put on the dreaded “Email List”?


Lead Capture

Each lead capture App works independently from each other, for Smart website engagement, yet all of them work in unison turning any website into a lead capturing magnet.

advertising strategy


Getting your bounce phone number means that you have added the most advanced marketing technology to your online sales arsenal. Engage with more visitors, capture more leads, close more deals, gain more customers. Our marketing automation helps build your business, makes you more money, and gives you more time, not having to chase down leads. Sign up for free, and see how we have helped other businesses multiply their online sales! Your free account takes less than 3 minutes to complete, yes we timed it. We don’t want your credit card, just say YES, I want more incoming calls!




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