The Best Way To Deal With Customer Complaints

customer complaints

Customer Complaints


What’s the best way to deal with customer complaints? The fact is, more customers will take the time to complain about a business, than they will to praise one. If your business doesn’t find a way to deal with these complaints, it will affect your business. While there isn’t a solution to eliminate customer complaints, there are ways to minimise them. Better yet, turn a customer complaint into a positive customer experience. Here are some tips for the best way to deal with customer complaints.

Resolve the issue quickly

Any representative on the receiving end of a complaint needs to make sure they get the issue resolved ASAP. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than having to repeat themselves to multiple representatives. Doing this will have a “for sure” effect of turning the consumer complaint into a bad customer experience. As a result, this will affect your business. Don’t allow something that can easily be fixed, damage your business image.

Apologize without blaming others

There’s a big difference between acknowledging something that shouldn’t have been done, to putting the blame on a particular individual or department. Blaming others as the cause for a customer’s complaint, won’t put faith your customer to return to your business. A simple and sincere apology is your first step in responding to a customer complaint, professionally. Research shows that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers will complain. If a customer takes the time to raise an issue, make sure time you investigate it further.

Show some care

Remember this, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” A little (genuine) sincerity, and care, can go a long way to defuse a customer’s complaint. If a customer has taken the time to complain, then that the issue is important to them. Customers aren’t always looking for compensation, sometimes all they want is an apology and to know that someone cares. To, you might seem like someone is complaining, but to your customer, it is a consumer concern.

Turn the bad into good

Go beyond a customer’s expectations. Deliver exceptional customer service, your business will be known for. Offer the customer reasonable compensation for the inconvenience. There will be customers who don’t ask for compensation (that doesn’t mean they don’t want it), ask them if they’re interested in what you’re willing to offer. Because of this, now’s not the time to be stingy, especially if you’re offering them something that will be putting money back into your business, making it a “win-win”. By offering them a voucher to use in store or a discount on their next purchase, you’ll have a second opportunity to “wow” them with your service. 



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