Bouncehelp: The virtual assistant for your business

best virtual assistant for business

The Bouncehelp software is the best virtual assistant for your business. The question you may ask yourself now is, does my business need a virtual/personal assistant? Answer: only if you want to save time, money and resources. Here’s 6 reasons why the Bouncehelp software will be the best virtual assistant for your business.


A virtual assistant that’s: Quick on its feet

Fibre optic fast and quicker than your speediest sales rep on red bull. The Bouncehelp Contact Button allows website visitors to enter their phone number for a quick call back. How quick? Every visitor will be connected with a representative in just 8 seconds. Now that’s a virtual assistant with speed. 


A virtual assistant that’s: Smart & intuitive 

Ok, so we know it has a fast connection but how can you make this virtual assistant work specifically for your business? Bouncehelp boasts a smart, intelligent, technology that, schedules calls according to your specific business hours. So, when you’re not open, a friendly notice pops up in the contact box letting visitors know. A visitor is then able to schedule a call back at a time that suits them.


A virtual assistant that: Always follows up

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant follow up each call with a courtesy text? The Bouncehelp software does. After every phone conversation, the client is sent a thank you text message that includes the number and name of the sales representative they spoke with. No prompts or reminders needed, the system automatically does this for you. The client is conveniently left with your business details, on hand for when they call again.


A virtual assistant that: Takes notes (It does better than notes)  

Remember these days, ear to shoulder and pen in hand, scribbling down notes while taking a call? Not anymore. The Bouncehelp software can record your phone calls for you, making sure you don’t miss a thing. All the calls are stored and easily accessible on your CRM system. Plus, you can easily find what call you’re looking for with the filter option.


A virtual assistant that: Won’t ask for a pay rise

When a job is done this well, it’s not long until you have a knock on your door from the green eyed monster. Good news is, it won’t happen here. You’ll only receive exceptional service (no room for human error) that will help you run your business  and build your sales. Best of all, we offer a no leads no fees policy. This means you only pay for what you get not, “what you could get”.


A virtual assistant that: Lets you try before you buy

There’s not many virtual assistants that would be willing to offer their services FREE of charge, for one week (24hrs a day that this) But Bouncehelp will. Why? Because we’re confident it will work for your business and we want you to see it for yourself. Sign up now for a FREE 7 day trial. No credit card details and no funny business. Just the boost you were looking for.

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