What Every Law Firm Website Needs

law firm website

Your law firms website is your online digital property where people visit to learn about you and your firm. The main reasons for your firms website is for people to find you online, and for them to learn more about you and your practice.


What is Content Marketing & How Can it Benefit My Business?

what is content marketing

Although we all know what is “content” and what is “marketing”, there has been some confusion as to what is content marketing. To put it simply, it is valuable content (in its many forms) that is designed to drive customer action. To get a deeper understanding let’s get some facts straight.


How to Create an Instagram Business Strategy


Does your business have an Instagram Business Strategy? Did you know that engagement with brands on Instagram, is 10 times higher than Facebook and 54 times more higher, than rivalry Pinterest? As the name suggests Insta-gram, allows you to send an “instant” message to your audience in the form of imagery. If your business is looking for a creative way to engage with your customers, then it’s time you put an Instagram Business Strategy to work.


How to Convert Your Followers into Customers

Now, what’s the plan to convert your followers into customers, so you can start monetising your social media connections? Not sure? That’s ok, we have it covered. Here are our, Top Tips on How to Convert your Followers into Customers.