How to Convert Your Followers into Customers

First off, congratulations on building up a strong following! Now, what’s the plan to convert your followers into customers, so you can start monetizing your social media connections? Not sure? We have it covered. Here are our, Top Tips on How to Convert your Followers into Customers.

Get some rhythm

Get into a rhythm with your posts and your social media engagement, so that it has some consistency. That doesn’t mean you have to pump out posts right on 9am, everyday, all week. Unless your posts are including a “#9am” and in that case you probably should. Forget about robotics and think rhythm. If you’re sending out Monday Motivational posts, don’t skip a week. You could have a follower that waits every Monday for that boost. Consistency builds loyalty and loyalty means life long customers. These are the customers that will help build your business, through word of mouth (WOM). Let’s not forget that nowadays, WOM is also spread through social media channels. Nothing’s better than getting some  FREE social media exposure, from providing a good service and/or product.

Get ‘em while it’s hot

If a follower has reached out to your business after reading an article or post that has excited them, get in there quick and make a connection. Communication is imperative in order to get the sales process rolling. Once you have the Bouncehelp software installed onto your website or blog (if it’s a different domain to your website) followers can quickly and easily chat with your business, while your offer is still fresh in their mind. Speaking directly with your followers is the number one way to increase sales and build lasting relationships. Concocting ideas of how to bring in new followers is just wasting time, if you could be chasing hot leads.

Get to know them

They’re already actively following your business, so whatever it is you’re doing, they’re a fan! Put some time aside to find out who these people are. Besides your business, what else interests them?  Where are they and what do they do? Once you’ve established this, you might be able to find ways to encourage them to get their like-minded friends to follow you too. While you may not be able to transform all your followers into customers, the more followers you have will help increase those conversions.

Give them something to act on

Ok, they like what they see but where’s the incentive? Did you leave them a call to action that will transform them from follower into customer and brand advocate? They should already know what you’re selling, after all they’re already following your business. Explain to them the benefits of what your service and/or product will provide. If you haven’t managed to deliver that within your website copy (you should work on that), you can use the Bouncehelp Exit Monitor Feature, as a last prompt before they exit your site. Personalize the pop up message with something your visitors can act on like “ Hey, want to increase your sales by up to 30%? Click here for your FREE 7 Day Trial” Include the benefit and give them something to act on. Done!

Get Spontaneous

This shouldn’t be taken as an invitation to be inconsistent. It’s about finding a balance between how you interact with your followers. If all you’re doing is promoting your product or service in everything you do (as amazing as it is) you will inevitably bore them. Mix it up with, blog posts, questions, competitions and personal messages to loyal followers. This is why it’s so important to get to know who your followers are. Everybody likes surprises (ok, most people) and everybody likes to feel special (this I’m sure of) Keep your content fresh and try to make things personal.

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