How to Create an Instagram Business Strategy


Does your business have an Instagram Business Strategy? Did you know that engagement with brands on Instagram, is 10 times higher than Facebook and 54 times more higher, than rivalry Pinterest? As the name suggests Insta-gram, allows you to send an “instant” message to your audience in the form of imagery. If your business is looking for a creative way to engage with your customers, then it’s time you put an Instagram Business Strategy to work. Here are some key points to get you started.

Identify Your Business Objectives

The first step to creating your Instagram Business Strategy will be determining your business objectives. What do you want to achieve with your Instagram account? Increase brand awareness? Showcase your products and/or services? Grow your community? Each objective will differ for each company and may depend on how you’re utilising your current platforms. What you need to ask yourself is, what does Instagram allow your business to do, that other platforms don’t? There isn’t much point setting up an Instagram page for your business if you plan to post the same content as you do on your other platforms.

Create a Content Strategy

Once you have determined what your business objectives are, you will be able to start crafting content specific to that purpose. If you’re a B2B structure you may focus on creating content that highlights your business culture. While a B2C may take the approach of showcasing their product, in a creative and eye-catching manner. Allow your content to tell a visual story about your business and increase its exposure with the use of appropriate hashtags. Don’t forget to hashtag your business name, this will help users find you through their Instagram searches.

Focus on Your Customers

Take some time to acknowledge your followers. If you see followers posting images promoting your service and/or product, ask them if you can share it. Show them that you appreciate their advocacy and genuine interest in your business. There will be exceptions when you receive propaganda or what we call “social spam” that are ok to ignore but if a follower is reaching out to your business, needless to say, you should always respond. Whether they reach out to you through social media or through your website, their efforts need to be acknowledged.  

Analyse Your Results

Take a look to see how your content performs and examine your follower growth. Consider how many likes and comments each post received and what can be done to increase those numbers in future campaigns. Posts with a location receive 79% more engagement than ones that don’t. Examine what kind of response your business gets when you add a location. What worked better for your business, videos or photos? By identifying what content your audience responded more with you can then alter your future content so that it tailors to your audience’s liking. An estimated 70.7% of brands will be on Instagram by 2017. With just two weeks to go, what will your business new year’s resolution be? For more tips on how to grow your business subscribe to the Bouncehelp newsletter.

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