Why Customers Opt For Phone Chat And Not Live Chat

customers are opting for picking up their phone

Want to know why your customers are opting for picking up their phone rather than going for the Live Chat option? Here’s why.


You don’t have a dedicated live chat team


You can provide the traditional phone chat without the live chat but you can’t provide a live chat without some sort of phone chat. So, if you opt for including a live chat feature who have you delegated to look after it? Your sales staff that are already dedicated to phone calls? Priority will always be given to calls over live chat which is bad news if you have the same team taking care of them both. Customers will be left waiting for answers while representatives are busy taking calls.


Your customers are left waiting to speak with someone


Now, your customer is waiting on the live chat to talk with someone. This can also be an issue when a customer chooses to call rather than chat. But did you know that with the Bouncehelp software, customers can connect to a representative in 8 seconds? A simple a quick connection is made through the use of the Contact button feature. That’s an advantage that is sure to put the ball in your court. As according to NewVoice 75% of customers says it takes too long to reach live agents. 


Your website loading time has been affected


Customer are left frustrated trying to reach a representative while, the website struggles to load. If you opted for a cheap chat provider, it may be affecting your website SEO. Free and low-quality chat providers can mean that your page may load slower (or in some cases not at all) when in downtime of the chat provider. If chat scripts are implemented poorly than that may also be affecting your loading speed.


You’ve gone to lunch and left the OPEN sign in the window


To make matters worse, your website’s live chat status is set to “available” with the green light ready to go. But there is no one there responding to all the requests. This scenario can be very damaging for a business image. Your live chat could cause more damage than good. A recent report shows that 59% of 25-34-year-olds share poor customer experiences online. Ouch, and you thought you were helping by providing this online support.


You’ve outsourced and it shows


The customer has finally been connected to a representative through the live chat. That’s good news! Or is it? Are you putting the same amount of time money resources and training into your live chat team, as you are your sales representatives? Nothing can hide badly trained and unknowledgeable staff, not even a live chat. Live chats only make it worse as it looks like a business is trying to hide it.


The solution


Opt for a smart, engagement software like Bouncehelp. Our software will help you establish a voice for your business and provide quick and easy engagement for your customers. Give your customers the service they deserve and don’t make them wait for it,

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