Grow your network with LinkedIn

Grow your linkedin network

Grow your network with LinkedIn


Looking to grow your network with LinkedIn? Anyone who’s serious about building a network of business contacts uses LinkedIn. Here’s some suggestions on using LinkedIn to grow your business and reach.

Don’t hesitate to invite individuals you do not know to connect with you.

Because, the more people you have access to, the better the chances you’ll be introduced to opportunities. People are always open to networking and meeting like-minded individuals. So don’t be afraid to reach out and connect. Most people are there to grow their network as well.

Network with people who will profit from knowing you.

Networkers, like recruiters are always seeking to broaden their networks, for the reason that the more individuals they know, the more likely they can find employees they can offer to clients. What value and benefit can you offer to others? Sometimes simply asking in the form of messaging and posts can give you some valuable insights.

Complete your profile without overexposing your own self.

You don’t need to give anyone need to criticize you. To put it simply, don’t offer details that’s too outdated or otherwise irrelevant to what you’re achieving these days. All they really want to know is where have you worked, where did you go to school, what did you perform in your responsibility. No need to get into how your favorite hobby is watching the latest trending cat video that just went viral on YouTube.

Do not use LinkedIn as a social media site.

A lot of people can make this mistake and try to treat Linkedin like Facebook or other social media websites. When you want to Grow your network with LinkedIn, understand first it’s really for professional networking. That means you want to use it to create yourself to look informed and professional. To accomplish so, consider posting articles that demonstrate your expertise in your industry. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, you can bring value to your networking circle.

Need ideas how to do this? Well that’s the easy part. Simply do a quick search for people in the same industry as yourself and look over what they have done in the form of articles, and posts. Try to find influencers that you can gain valuable ideas from.

Routinely export your LinkedIn contacts into an email address book.

It may not have struck you but everyone you’re networked with on LinkedIn probably has connected their email address with their account. This means you can get in touch with them directly outside of LinkedIn. You can use this as a great advantage to grow your network with LinkedIn.

To export your contacts log into to your LinkedIn account: go to”My Network”, then click on the number for your “Connections”, then click “Manage synced and imported contacts”, then click “Export contacts”, then click “Fast file only”, then “Request archive”.

Connect with relevant individuals and add them to a newsletter list.

Searching LinkedIn for professionals with titles that indicate they might be interested in certain type of content is a great way to not only grow your network with LinkedIn, but to connect outside of the platform. Here you can subscribe your connections to your newsletters, blog articles, etc.

Won’t these people get mad by subscribing them without their consent? You want to be careful in targeting your connections here, otherwise some people can get mad. But if it’s done correctly with the same like minded people, you would be amazed how thankful people can be. They can be impressed that you took the time to send them relevant information that is both informative and relevant to them personally. Follow these simple tips to 10x your growth hacking to grow your network.

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