Moving Company Mistakes To Avoid During The Off-Season

Moving Company Mistakes To Avoid During The Off-Season

Let’s face it, the moving business is seasonal and there’s nothing we can do to change that, one minute business is up and the next it’s down, like a good roller coaster ride.

What do you do during the off season?

Are you resting up, sipping margarita’s in Key West, Florida or are you preparing for the next “Moving” season?

Unfortunately most are not taking advantage of the slower time to prepare for the next, here are some common Moving Company mistakes to avoid during the off season.

Mental Preparedness

Before you start thinking I’m going to tell you about some “new age” mental spirituality advice, hear me out.

The Moving industry is seasonal, you’re not going to change this and you need to embrace it and use it towards your advantage.

Sometimes it can be really tough mentally to accept the seasonal change. It’s easy to start thinking negative thoughts during the down time.

You start thinking you’re slow because it’s something you did and your business did, and you think your business is slowing down and you think your business is ending and you get very depressed.

Activity slows down and energy is lowing that’s just not the way to do it because really there’s nothing you can do to prevent it.

That’s the moving season, it’s going to be hot you’re going to make a ton of money and then during the offseason it’s going to be slow and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself during the slow season now is when any good business should use that extra free time to dive into your marketing efforts.

Moving Company Off Season Marketing

Keep in mind that most of what you do online can take months to produce results through search engines like Google.

Which makes this the prefect time to start producing a ton of content for your business, let’s take advantage of it.

This is also a great time to network with other local business owners in your area. This alone can bring you a ton of business for a long time to come.

Test out new strategies for advertising on Adwords, to test out different ad copy, text and images to find that “sweet spot” when advertising your moving business.

Get some videos made for your business, people love them and they build trust as they make you look more professional and transparent. Add them to your Youtube channel and your website, this will help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings as well.

Add new photos to your website, you can take the photographs yourself or hire a professional, depending on your budget.

Does your social media pages look like a desert with little signs of life or lively and vibrant?

Build up your social media accounts, post content as much as you can without being “spammy”. You’d be surprised how many potential customers check out a social media company page before they decide to do business with you.

Not sure what to post? Check out what your competitors are posting, this will give you some good ideas. You can use a posting software like Hootsuite to automatically post scheduled content.

This way you don’t have to spend all your time on Facebook or other platforms, we know those viral cat videos can get addicting.

Update the the text on your website pages. Add or remove text and more pages. Make your pages more visitor friendly and search engine friendly for your target audience.

Update your website design, especially if it is over two years old, which is like a hundred years in website age.

Add backinks that point to your website. You can do this with other local business’s websites and business directories. You can also do guest posts on blogs and other sites, if you’re not a writer, just hire one.

Hiring a content writer will be one of the best investments you can ever make for your business. They can help with your social media posting, ad copy, website content and blog articles.

Create a blog or spend the down time adding articles to your existing one. Every good online marketer knows content is king and is how people find you online.

Add conversion software to your website to increase inbound leads, like BounceHelp. All your efforts should be to help produce more traffic to your website, now let’s convert them into moving leads.

👉 If you are using WordPress, check out the 20 Best Moving Company WordPress Themes.

The Pay Off

When you’re doing all these things and more during the slow season, all your efforts will accumulate over time. Before you know it it’s going to be the moving season, after doing these things day in and day out.

All those efforts that you really didn’t feel like you’re getting results from, because it was a slow season, are going to pay off.

Now is when you’re going to see that “wow” we’re into moving season now and it’s really paying off, things are going to be booming.

This is a cycle that you can repeat every single moving season.

Do a bunch of moves make a bunch of money learn a lot off season, reflect on what you learn throw you’re newly learned knowledge into your marketing efforts and work hard on it.

When moving season comes along again it pays off, revenue increases each season when doing this.

Having the right mindset and long term marketing plan will separate you from the competition and help you achieve your long term goals.

Aaron Moss


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