Why You Need to Use Your Customer’s Name


Turns out, “those three words” don’t quite light up our brain, as much as one particular word. And that word happens to be none other than, our own name. Modesty can’t deny the chemical reaction that takes place in our brain when we hear our own name. All research and studies aside, let’s take a look at, Why You Need to Use Your Customer’s Name.

To make a connection

In sales we’ll answer the phone with; a greeting, our name and then a question. No matter how you choose to format that first question, it’s purpose should be to obtain the customer’s name. Once you know the customer’s name, send it straight to your memory bank or scribble it down on a piece of paper. Using a customer’s name throughout the conversation (without overdoing it) will be your first step to building a strong connection. It shows a customer that you value their time and are taking their enquiry personal. No one wants to feel like a number. Unless, it’s a number #1, followed by their name.

To build a relationship

Customers feel great when they’re remembered. Whether you can connect their name to a voice or face, they will feel special that they made a lasting impression. But in order to build a genuine relationship, the name game needs to go both ways. If you can address a customer by their name and them by yours, you’ll be on your way to building a lasting relationship. Of course, we can’t expect all customers to remember our names but there is something we can use to make it easier for them. The Bouncehelp software will automatically send each customer a thank you text notification and email after every conversation. These messages include the business contact number as well as the name of the sales representative they spoke with. How’s that for personal service?

 To get them back on track

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone in sales, that a lot of time is spent actively listening. You can’t possibly provide the most accurate and best solution unless you first listen to your customer’s needs. With that being said, the chances of the conversation going “off road” can be increased. The best way to steer customers back onto road relevance, is to use their name. People are wired to respond automatically when hearing their name. It’s the best way to get their full attention and allow you to take control of the conversation. Smooth.

 To make them like you

Social Media has proved that nowadays, most people enjoy the feeling of being known. While remembering a customer’s name won’t send them from unknown into “celebrity status” (although I’d be the first to announce my celebrity shoulder rubbing, if Bill Gates remembered my name) it will make them feel liked. If a customer feels they are liked by you, they are more likely going to like you too. Everything in conversation appears more genuine and personal when you can use a customer’s name. Just like this; Michael, with the use of the Bouncehelp software, you can increase your sales calls by up to 30%. See, now all the Michael’s of the world are feeling special. Michael, if you are reading this, it is a sign.   


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