Our Story

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I wanted to share with you the main reason we invented BounceHelp. We were just like everyone else, we accepted the fact that chasing down contacts from emails, contact forms, and chats were normal. After becoming frustrated more than a few times at prospects, we then realized it wasn’t the person’s fault, it was our current technology.

So many times, someone would look for a website owner to help with their pain, their problem. The person will search online for someone to help, going website to website. After spending a few minutes chatting, or filling out a form, or sending an email, the prospect simply goes to the next website and starts the process over again.

By the time, we contact the prospect back, so many times we found they “already found someone’, or “are no longer interested”. Of course, the people that called us, were way easier to convert, but there was a clear difference between the people we speak to over the phone, and those we are chasing down.

The answer was clear, we need more calls. So, we followed all the so called online gurus advice on making our website CTA’s (Call To Actions) big, clear, and throughout our page. We could see a little improvement, but we were not satisfied with the results.

After a lot of A/B split testing, a lot of frustration, and a lot of money, we found something interesting. People are more likely to call a number on a website if they are using a mobile device, and this made sense. A normal click to call is made for mobile devices and can used throughout a website. But what about desktops?

We searched for a solution to help get us more calls from desktop users, and we couldn’t find any, it wasn’t that we could only find a few options, there was literally NO OPTIONS!

And that is when the idea of BounceHelp was developed. For the first time ever, desktop users now have a way to contact a business in seconds. The numbers were clear, once we analyzed the data, and the feedback from both consumer and businesses, we knew we had invented a new bridge in communication.



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