Platform for Software Reviews Recognizes BounceHelp as a Sales Software Rising Star

list of 10-best sales software tools BounceHelp

Platform for Software Reviews Recognizes BounceHelp as a Sales Software Rising Star


BounceHelp recently garnered the coveted Rising Star award for 2018 after popular software directory FinancesOnline recorded an extremely high positive feedback from our clients. Using its unique SmartScore Algorithm, FinancesOnline scoured the entire internet, including social media channels, to determine the overall impression of users. We came away with a stunning 100 percent user satisfaction rating.


The Rising Star award is meaningful to our team as it proves that BounceHelp is among the top choices in FinancesOnline’s sales software expert reviews for its effectiveness in boosting one’s sales calls, enhancing lead conversions, improving services with clients, and increasing revenue. FinancesOnline honors this esteemed award to SaaS solutions that have marked an increasing popularity on the market and are seen as a reliable tool by users.


Aside from gathering the opinions of our users, FinancesOnline’s experts also conducted a first-hand review of our platform and included us in their list of 10 best sales software tools. Apparently, their team shared the same sentiments as they released a glowing review and described our platform ideal in helping users “attract and grow their leads, improve lead conversions, and enhance their revenues.” They also distinguished us with their Great User Experience award after they found our platform highly intuitive and easy to use.


FinancesOnline has a thorough review of our website engagement solution, complete with details on BounceHelp pricing, benefits, and the problems it can solve. Below are some of the highlights, as lifted from FinancesOnline’s review:


  • Improved visitor engagement, enabling businesses to “convert your traffic into actual paying customers” through BounceHelp’s Exit Monitor feature. “Whenever a visitor leaves your website, BounceHelp instantly displays a targeted question or promotion to keep them interested and engaged, resulting in the visitor becoming a new lead or a paying customer,” wrote FinancesOnline.
  • Empower visitors to “instantly” reach out to your agents through our Contact Button tool, which “helps you pounce on every opportunity” that comes your way. Your representatives can easily respond to visitor’s within seconds, thus improving the overall customer service and improving conversion rates, stated FinancesOnline.
  • With BounceHelp being optimized for mobile devices, visitors can enjoy “immediate and fast access to your customer solutions whenever they need it.”


Provide excellent service and turn more website visitors into customers today with BounceHelp.


Aaron Moss

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