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Welcome to the best marketing automation Reseller Program online

Our tools are designed to increase website engagement and more sales for the business. There are so many ways that reselling our marketing automation tools can benefit your business, it’s hard to list. So we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 key points. Here’s five ways, the Bouncehelp reseller program benefits your business.

Offer your clients a cost effective lead capture solution

We make reselling BH easy. Any business owner will understand the importance of a lead capturing tool. Making these live phone calls coming in while a visitors is still engaged on their website means they talk to the lead before their competitor. No chasing down leads, from a contact form that was filled out. But with industry standard pricing costing between $15- $30 per lead, it can be overlooked. Bouncehelp offers a cost-effective solution at $1.99 per lead, as a direct incoming call to the client. Business owners shouldn’t have to pay for something they don’t get and with the Bouncehelp reseller program they don’t have to.  Your clients will only have to pay when they get a lead. No setup costs, no hidden charges and no funny business. Bouncehelp uses advanced technology software, that turns any website into a lead capturing machine in minutes.


Something more personal than a business chat

What do website owners want more than traffic to their site? The answer is easy…Sales, customers, new clients, and fresh deals.

Talk to most business owners and they will say if they can get just a couple minutes to speak to someone that has an interest in their product, and they will close them. While business livechat can offer support and assistance to visitors, it’s much harder to build trust, and a rapport. The end user never knows whether they’re talking with an actual representative of the business, outsourced member, or an automated marketing software. Sometimes all a visitor wants is to ask a simple question and for that, they’re forced to answer a series of security questions. In worse cases, they are left waiting while their query is being confirmed by “another department”. All in all, live chats can be frustrating, impersonal and time wasting for customers. With Bouncehelp all a visitor has to do is input their phone number and in 8 seconds they’re connected. 

Great responsive design

Having a responsive website is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity. Not only for appearances but for accessibility. When the web page isn’t displayed as it should be it’s hard for visitors to navigate the website. Visitors will get frustrated and leave when they can’t see the contact details for a business. The Bouncehelp software works for visitors on mobile devices, whether the website is or isn’t responsive. The Exiting Monitor feature means, call to actions can be added onto a website without any redesigning. It also features a Contact Button that makes any website look great. Just another benefit you can offer your clients as part of our awesome reseller program. 


The ultimate time saver

Start offering your clients a solution that will help them save time, and money. Our advanced technology software acts as a virtual assistant setter on your client’s website, when their away from the office. So intuitive, it automatically sets appointments according to the set business hours. The Bouncehelp software can be setup in under 3 minutes and is easy to use. Yes, that means no training necessary. All your client has to do is be ready to answer the incoming calls, as they normally would. 


An incentive to act on

Packed full of robust features using a next generation technology. Our behavior learning algorithm lead capture software quite literally sells itself. If you need to throw in a little incentive to get the ball rolling don’t forget to mention Bouncehelp’s FREE 7-day trial.  Sign up now and see for yourself!

Contact us to learn more about how to sign up for our free agency program, and start selling our website lead capturing tools today. You can contact us here using our engagement tools, or send an email to:



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