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Cold Calling HOT LEADS

Cold Calling

Does this scenario sound familiar? You attempt to get in touch with a business and all the representative’s are “busy taking other calls right now.” Then when you’re busy doing the things you need to do, you get a cold call at the most inconvenient time, from a sales rep that can’t quite interpret the tone of your voice, suggesting to call back at another time. It’s unfortunate for some businesses that cold calling has been given a bad rap and people have taken warmly, to do-not-call registries. Truth is, it can be just as uncomfortable for the person receiving the cold call, as it is for the person making the call to their leads. Surely there’s a more convenient way, that would be beneficial for both business and consumer? Well, there is.

Founders Dmitri Kozhevnikov & Denis Rodionov saw the tremendous need for better and more effective communication between businesses and consumers. This became the main driving force that motivated them to create the Bouncehelp software. Bouncehelp has made a name for itself being the world’s first engagement software, that uses behavioral learning algorithms to turn website visitors into incoming phone calls. The software has been proved to increase sales calls by up to a 30% in just 5 minutes. Guaranteed results and no cold calling involved. 

So, just how does this Engagement Software work?

A visitor is browsing your website, they see something they like or they have a question. So, they click the Contact Button displayed on the page, a box then appears on the right hand side of their screen with a small message. “Hello There, Let’s get in touch now. Enter your phone number and I will call you within 9 seconds.” The customer can enter any number they wish to be called on or, they have the option of scheduling a call back at a preferred time. They simply choose the day and time they want a call back, from the available drop down menu. The software is integrated and works according to your own business hours, so it will only provide those specific times as an option for a scheduled call back.

What does this mean for cold calling Leads?

With Bounce technology software, your business can track and capture all those hot leads! The ones that would have otherwise fallen between the cracks. Now instead of countless hours of cold calling, your team can immediately speak with qualified leads. There are no better leads, than from potential customers, captured live on your website. The software provides a quick and convenient communication solution. Proven to increase overall productivity and provide users with a great customer experience.

Consider Bouncehelp your own virtual assistant and valued addition to your sales team, working towards your sales goals. All this, while attending to the needs of your customers. With a simple click of the mouse, turning website visitors into more customers. Pricing of only $1.99 per unique call, is the most affordable engagement software currently on the market. The prices are measured according to performance, no leads means no fees. A smart and risk free option, to get your sales boosting. Visit Bouncehelp for FREE 7 Day Trial Now.



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