Best Social Media Tools For Your Business In 2017

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Best Social Media Tools

Looking for the Best Social Media Tools to help grow your business in 2017?  Look no further. Here are our top picks for the best social media tools that will help grow your business in 2017.  The countdown is on! 


For high-quality images for your social media posts, one of the best tools is Canva.  A simple way to create stunning images to go along with your social media posts. A tool that helps turn ideas into visuals, no graphic design experience needed. Canva offers a vast number of customisable templates therefore anyone can look like a savvy designer. Whether you want to add custom icons, quotes or conversation bubbles, Canva will help you to do it.

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A top tool for content curation and content sharing is Feedly. Based on your preferences, the RSS reader will gather the most appropriate and relevant feeds for your business. The tool helps to find the best content from a variety of different sources and identify key industry trends. Feedly allows you to add feeds from Youtube channels, as well as your favourite publications and blogs. It can be easily integrated with a number of other apps and allows you to save and share content on all your social media accounts.  

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Another great tool that made our list for content curation and content sharing is DrumUp. It creates a smart workflow that can cut management time by up to 90%.  The tool boasts a number of functions that allow you to share, schedule and repost content. Based on your keywords it will provide a list of new and relevant content that can be easily found on your dashboard. DrumUp even suggests a number of hashtags to use with your posts therefore increasing your reach.  The tool will help to manage multiple accounts with sharp and relevant content all with one simple click.

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For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, IFTTT stands for, If This Then That. A social media automation tool that helps business owners save loads of time. It completes all the small tasks that a marketer would normally have to do and is compatible with more than 280 channels. IFTTT can be set up so that next time you publish a post on your Blog it will automatically schedule a Tweet for that post. From everything to keeping your Facebook and Twitter profile photos in sync to, building Twitter lists from a specific hashtag. IFTTT has a list of recipes to help to streamline your social media.  

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Panda 5

This one made our list because of the amount of time it can save you. Panda 5 is a news reader, that is extremely helpful for content marketing curation. You can you add any RSS feed to your account that you want. Being able to browse multiple websites at once, integration with other websites, and other useful features make this a “must have”.

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If your not using GIFs in your social media because you don’t no how to make them, then this is the perfect social media tool. With this tool you can make a GIF from anything. You can convert videos to GIFs in seconds, search for ones others have made, and upload them to your social media accounts. What I like most about this site is how user friendly the apps are. Personally I use GIFs from everything from a sales email to customer support. You can show somebody part of a video at just a glance without them needing to press a play button.

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