Tips to help increase your sales team efficiency

increase your sales team efficiency

If you’re looking for ways to help increase your sales team efficiency, it won’t be giving them extra tasks to complete for the day. That will only add to their forever growing workload. The idea is to find ways your team can get more things done, in less amount of time. So, how can you get your sales team to work more efficiently, without adding extra tasks to their day?

Act quick

According to Hubspot, 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. That is a huge percentage and can make a big difference for each representative and your team. If your sales team are focusing on all the hot leads and getting in before the competitor does, they will spend less time cold calling and have more time to serve each customer efficiently.  If you want your business to win the race and secure the sale before your competitor does, consider the Bouncehelp software, you’re new business partner. Faster than a lightning bolt, the Contact Button within the software will see that each visitor to your website is connected to a representative, in as little as nine seconds. A time saving solution for both customer and representative that’ll boost your team’s productivity and enhance the customer experience.

Give encouragement  

Give your team some extra encouragement. I say “extra” because a good manager and/or business owner, should already be doing that. Encouragement shouldn’t be left just for Monday mornings, it should be a constant reminder, to let them know when they’re doing well. While a weekly or monthly sales bonus can be enough to motivate most members, there’ll be some that are fueled by receiving recognition and words of encouragement. Having happy representatives will mean a more productive team, that willingly want to find ways to work more efficiently.

Opt for Call recording

According to Inside Sales, the average sales representative makes 46 calls daily. That’s a lot of data to keep track of, especially for new staff. The best and most helpful way to stay on top of these calls is by using a software that features call recording. The Call Recording feature within the Bouncehelp software, stores all the calls conveniently, within the CRM system. By having everything recorded, sales representatives are able to go back and re-listen to their conversations, making sure everything that was discussed gets done. Most of the time the notes that a representative will take while on the phone, are just reminders of what needs to be done and after that don’t serve any purpose. Bouncehelp’s Call recording, will increase your sales team efficiency, save time and ensure they’ll never missing a thing.

Commit to weekly sales meetings

There are so many things that can be learnt during weekly sales meetings. There will always be something new, at least one person can take from it. Committing to meetings each week with all your team, will allow the team to learn from each others problems and major wins. No matter how experienced members of your team may be, new issues and objections will always arise. By addressing these issues in a group environment, managers can save time by not having to resolve these issues on a, one on one basis.

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