Top 5 tips to help build rapport with clients

build rapport with clients

What does it take to build rapport with clients? Firstly, it takes time. So, if you’re after a lasting and genuine relationship with your clients follow these 5 simple tips.

Get back to the basics

These things will come naturally for those that were lucky enough to be born a “natural” rapport builder. But for the rest of us, never forget the power of shaking hands (firmly), smiling, looking at your clients in eyes (but not for too long) and showing sincerity. Of course, there are always exceptions to these “basic rules”. Shaking hands should only be done where it’s acceptable and smiling when it’s appropriate.

Find common ground

Why is finding common ground so important? Simply because, people like people that like what they like. A person will naturally feel more comfortable with a person they feel understands them and shares the same interests. You can find common ground by asking your clients open-ended questions (without it feeling like an interrogation)  If there’s one thing you take from article let it be this; Don’t pretend to like or support something you genuinely don’t. This will only make you (and your business) look desperate.

Take into account your appearance

Are you dressing to impress or dressing to distress (others)? However, you present yourself initially will be what creates a lasting impression. Looking well groomed, tidy and clean are essential. In terms of attire, consider who and where you will be meeting. If you’re meeting someone that has to dress down and get dirty on the job, don’t over do your dressing up. The unwritten rule is to dress just a tad bit better than whoever you’re planning to meet. 

Practice mirroring – You don’t need a mirror for this

The idea behind mirroring is to adapt your nonverbal and verbal language to “reflect” that of your client. If the person you meet with uses a soft and gentle voice than try to do the same (it’s not a competition so don’t whisper). If your client uses open body language and enjoys a laugh, bring the same into the conversation. Does your client only have time for the straight statistics or do they enjoy a bit of fluffy talk? Be aware of all these things and do your best to adapt, as naturally as possible.

Show empathy

 Furthermore, make sure you are sincere. The first thing that will build a wall between you and a potential client is if they sense you are being ungenuine. Try to, as they say, “put yourself in their shoes” to understand what it is they are feeling or desire. This will help you to see things from their perspective and understanding.

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