Top 6 reasons to use a call recording software

why use call recording software

There are so many benefits to using a call recording software for your business. So many in fact, we had to list them. Here are the top 6 reasons your business should use a call recording software.

Corporate Liability

Call recording helps provide protection for your business. Unfortunately, lawsuits don’t just happen to the “big guys” any business can be threatened. This can be especially true for professionals. By having each conversation recorded and stored businesses are able to listen to what was said and (worse case scenario) have the record to prove it should things get legal. A great way to reduce your personal and corporate liability.

Capture Details

Sales reps and professionals know how important it is to actively listen. The problem comes when we’re having to take notes while staying 100% present in the conversation.  Call recording allows you to go back and listen to each conversation and note everything that needs to be done.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether you’re selling products or dealing with clients in a professional environment, customer satisfaction is paramount. A great way to improve customer satisfaction is being able to analyse conversations from your call recording system. This is also a great way to see certain things such as, how much time are customers are kept on hold for or how long it’s taking reps to search for the required information. All these factors will affect your customer’s overall experience.

Sales Training

Yes, calls really are recorded for sales and training purposes. All the calls can be used for effective sales training for new and old staff. There’s always a new issue that may arise and with that a new solution. Having each call recorded means these issues can be shared with others, therefore it’s a great training tool for all staff. 

Get to know your customers

 In addition to your marketing team, call recording gives you a great insight into your businesses ideal client/customer. By analysing your calls you’ll be able to check that your marketing efforts are in line with the audience you’re bringing in.

Great case studies

A customer loved the service and or product your business provided and they’ve made the time and effort to call and tell you. Having these conversations recorded can help you (with the client’s permission) put together some amazing case studies that you can use to support your current marketing materials. Try call recording for your business now with the Bouncehelp FREE 7 day trial.


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