Top 7 sales and marketing tips for 2017

best sales and marketing tips

Every new year brings in new sales and marketing strategies. So, we thought we’d put together our top sales and Marketing Tips for 2017.



Choose your pick, from Facebook live, Snap and Instagram video. Live video can lead to higher engagement and most of all sales. A great opportunity for professionals to connect with their audience. Accountants, lawyers and real estate agents can use it to share advice on popular topics. Facebook is now prioritising live video so 2017 is the time to start.

Start talking

While it’s important to connect with customers on every level, you’ll be much closer to closing a deal in conversation over the phone. Bouncehelp’s contact button will help you connect with your website visitors in just 9 seconds. More personal than a live chat which gives your business a competitive edge. Sign up now for a FREE 7 day trial.

Get real

Dream big but make sure there’s enough time, money and resources for each strategy. Think beyond each quarter and look at what you’ll need to successfully execute each goal for 2017. If you have a limited budget than limit your campaigns so your only putting out quality content.

Update & refresh

When was the last time you reviewed your ideal customer profile? Does your inbound marketing reflect your chosen target market?  Take some time to review who it is you want to target and make sure everything you put out supports this goal. This is in addition to updating and refreshing your website content. Google loves fresh content and we want Google to love us. 

Review your sales process

Does everyone in your sales team follow the same procedure to approach and close each sale? Is each sales process documented? If you haven’t already, it’s probably time to start using an automated tool. This will help the sales process run smoothly and your team work more efficiently.

Get your website graded

Check out how your website rates using A score is calculated for Performance, Mobile, SEO and Security, therefore you can see where your website is falling short. Website grader gives you suggestions of what can be done to improve your scores and improve your website’s performance.

Stay informed

In conclusion, we suggest you don’t get left behind. Sign yourself up for some useful information. Keep up to date with the latest trends, tools and software when you sign up to the Bouncehelp newsletter. 


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