How to: Turn phone sales calls from website visitors into paying clients

sales calls from website visitors

Having a website that draws in website visitors, and prompts them to connect with your business is paramount. But once they’ve made that connection, how can you turn these phone sales calls queries into loyal paying clients? Here’s four tips to get you started:


Stay connected with your website visitors

Some phone calls you receive from website visitors will just end as queries and that’s ok. But, if you feel the conversation is heading that way don’t forget to ask them if they would like to be added to your mailing list to stay up to date with special promotions and offers. This keeps the connection open and when they are ready to move forward, your business will be at arm’s length. They’ll also appreciate the fact you haven’t continued to push your service and/or product onto them on that sales call. It’s much better to lose a sale then it is to lose a client.


Connect the dots

A potential client wants to know how they can get from A to B (and eventually Z) and how your business can help them to do that. Before you mention the “m” word (money that is) give them an outline of what measures your business will take to get them there. This couldn’t be more important than it is for professionals, that are offering a service such as, lawyers, financial advisers and/or accountants. Essentially it’s not about the service you are selling but rather what your service will do for them. Eg, give them peace of mind, provide security and so on. So, sell the experience, determine the destination and connect the dots.


Make it simple

As technical as your service may be, make the process for a client to choose you simple. Let’s face it, you won’t be the first (or the last) lawyer or financial adviser they call (until you’ve won them over of course). So, with that being said, explain to the caller how simple the process will be to begin working with you. Remember, they’ve come to you, and made that sales call with hopes you can lighten their load, not add to it. Use words like, easy, step by step, simple guide or quick sign up.


Tell a story

More often than not, people remember a story rather than the hard facts and/or statistics. Not to take anything away from statistics, they are great too and essential for your analytical thinking clients. But there is something that connects people to a story quite like nothing else. Telling a story activates certain parts of the brain and transports the caller into another world. But before you start practicing your storytelling voice, there are some things to remember. Firstly, your story needs to be relevant, appropriate and take confidentiality into account. Secondly, if you feel the caller is in a rush don’t start rambling; even at the best of times – it should never be long winded. Lastly, your story should have a happy ending. Even if your story was to outline the dangers that may come without seeking legal/professional advice. Give them the happy ending that came when someone found your business and at last – that peace of mind.




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