Turning Holiday Buyers Into Lifelong Customers

Lifelong Customers

Lifelong Customers


Here are the bests way to make Lifelong Customers.

Looking for ways to turn Holiday one time buyers into lifelong customers? Christmas time brings in more shoppers than any other time of the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these one-timing, holiday shoppers return after the festivities? Better yet, transform them into a lifelong customer. Well you can, here’s how to turn holiday one time buyers into lifelong customers. Create customers for life with these easy to implement tips.


Exceed their expectations

Let’s face it, you’re not the only business in business during the holiday season. In order to be remembered, don’t just meet a customer’s expectations exceed them! If someone purchased an item from your online shop and you can get the delivery out before the standard time (providing it’s not perishable) do it. If you’re a professional providing a particular service, don’t forget about the power of punctuality. When you tell a customer you will get back to them Monday afternoon, get back to them Monday morning.  


Follow up

Following up is a given for any business. But there is a sweet spot that must be mastered with timing. Follow up too early and you look like an eager beaver (yes, even in business it’s not a good thing). Follow up too late and you’ve lost their interest or they’ve moved onto more greener or should we say “punctual pastures”  However, the sweet spot for timing goes out the window during the holiday season. Customers don’t have time to wait so make sure you follow up with them ASAP. 


Thank them

Take some time to send a personalised email thanking them for their purchase. If you have the time, money and resources, send your customers a personal letter or card in the post. This works best with professionals; lawyers, financial advisers, accountants etc. It might take you a few hours to do but it’s worth the effort. Your card may just end up sitting on shelf above their fireplace and will act as constant reminder of your business. The chances of them returning to you in the new year are high and you may just have scored yourself a lifelong customer.


Get social

While it’s not appropriate for all businesses to engage with their customer on social media; if you can, do it. If you’re a smaller business, reach out to your customers and thank them for their purchase and/or time. Ask your customers if they can use a hashtag or Tweet you with an image of their purchase. Remember, shoppers are buyers, and it’s important to remember they are people, just like you. Reach out and share with your customers to build solid relationships that will last a lifetime. This will help build up your business and make them feel special for being included.


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