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Web Callback


What Is Web Callback?

Using web callback software is a big advantage over the traditional method most organizations employ on their website. Traditionally when a website visitor finds you online they will need to take several steps to contact you. If someone wants to call you on the phone, they will need to find your business phone number on your website. Then go back and forth from looking at your number and their dial pad adding your numbers one by one. In today’s “want it now” society, this can be a big deterrent from people calling your business. Most people will simply leave your website if they do not immediately see what they are looking for on your website, and “Google” search another business website until they find the answers they want. Using web callback software on your website helps solve this problem, and can help reduce your bounce rate.

By adding the BounceHelp web callback code to your website, visitors can now simply add their phone number to the engagement forms on your site, and immediately get connect with your business representative within seconds. Giving your website visitors a reason to call is key to increasing your leads, and website sales.

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Advantages Of Using Web Callback Software.

Adding the ability for your web visitors to click a web callback button to request a call back within seconds, without having to fill out a bunch of personal information is a huge benefit for your clients. Not everybody enjoys filling out a bunch of personal information they feel may cause endless emails filling up their inbox. The advantages of being able to connect with a website visitor while they are still on your site, is endless. Whether you need to answer a sales or customer support question, or able to direct them to the correct web page, or just help someone complete an order online.

The biggest advantage of using a web callback widget is being able to speak to a sales prospect before they speak to your competition. Our engagement apps increase these benefits by interacting with every website visitor, during business hours as well as after hours.

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Web Callback Sales Automation

Once a web visitor initiates a callback, the business phone rings. For any reason a call is missed you are automatically set a SMS text notification that a lead was not spoken to. By being able to connect with a prospect within 5 minutes of them trying to reach out and contact you will increase your your chance of conversion by a massive 500%! Having a web callback code on your site is one thing, it’s a whole new ball game when you add automation to the technology.

Approximately 80% of all website visitors that abandon a website, never return to do business. Using apps such as our exit intent “popup” engages people right as they are leaving, to give you another chance to offer them a reason to stay and connect.

Our side slide-out app is a quick way for website visitors to connect with you without filling out any long lead forms that require a list of personal information someone may not feel comfortable enough yet to provide.



Sign Up For More Sales Calls

Sign up for sales calls, and try our web callback software on your site for free, take it for a test drive and you will see the difference. No credit card is needed to test our software, and we will help you add the code with any website. For WordPress users, you can easily add our web callback plugin to any WP theme.

Here is a link for more information about “Web Callback” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_callback


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