What you should know about marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation (MA) refers to software that automates and measures marketing tasks. The goal behind it is to, help organisations market themselves effectively on multiple online channels. 


The benefits 

Marketing automation allows businesses to streamline and measure all their marketing tasks. These tasks would normally have to be done manually. But just like an automatic car, it automates most these tasks without the need to shift any gears. This creates a clear and efficient workflow that opens the door to new possibilities. A huge benefit to most businesses as it reduces human error and minimises the mundane tasks.


The  misconceptions

Marketing automation now refers to so much more than just email marketing automation. It offers a vast range of automation and analytic tools that aid with marketing. These are everything from, landing pages, forms, websites, campaign managements and etc. Another common misconception is that MA does marketing for you. While it should be part of most marketing strategies, it’s there to help measure a business’s marketing efforts.


Behind the technology

While marketing automation may sound technical, setting it up isn’t. The customer isn’t required to install any software. That is because the platforms used for marketing automation are hosted or are a web-based solution. Making it an essential part of any CRM system.


When is the right time to invest?

Before you invest, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Is your business generating a steady amount of organic leads? Are you looking for a solution to help scale your marketing efforts? Have your team distinguished between the two conversations that should happen with marketing and sales? If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then it’s the right time to invest in some form of marketing automation for your business.


How do I choose the best marketing automation provider for my business?

Before you choose a marketing tool software provider you must determine what features your business needs. While most providers will offer you the same features, some may excel in particular areas more than others. For more helpful business tips and to help grow your business, sign up to the Bouncehelp newsletter.

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