Top 5 Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

No surprises to hear that, great customer service should be paramount to any
business. What is surprising to find, is how often (or not so often) business owners
take to reworking and improving their overall customer experience. According to a
study conducted by Walker, customer experience will overtake price and product by
the year 2020. Let’s round it off and say business owners have roughly 3 years, to
get their business up to speed with what’s to come. Here are 5 tips that will help get
your customer service from good to exceptionally great.



1. Don’t leave customers waiting
Better late than never just doesn’t cut it in today’s fast paced world. Whether a
customer is waiting for a call back or a repose to their email, they need some sort of
confirmation that they’ve been heard. Automated emails are great but should always
be promptly followed with a personal email from a representative, to let the customer
know that someone is looking into their query.

2. Make sure your website is accessible
Your customer service and overall customer experience extends to your website.
Research carried out by WOW Local Marketing, found that 52% of customers are
less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience. Needless
to say, having a responsive website with clear and reachable contact details is a

3. Be honest
New team members will often feel pressured in thinking they have to know the
answers to everything. This can sometimes result in leaving a customer with the
wrong information, which in turn causes more damage than good. Customers don’t
want a “quick guess answer” they want reassurance and facts. It may not always be
possible for new team members to be accompanied by a senior member, so if they
are unsure of a customer’s query, they should inform the customer that they’re new
and confirm the answer with their team leader or manager.

4. Always follow up
Great customer service shouldn’t end when the phone call does. If a customer is
choosing between your business and that of a competitor, who happens to follow up
the customer with a phone call, you’ve probably just lost yourself a sale. Following
up can be as easy and as quick, as a text message or an email thanking the
customer for their time. This is also a great way for the representative who has
handled the query, to leave their direct details with the customer. This will save time
for the customer and minimize the chance of miscommunication between different
representatives in the future.

5. Invest in a software or tool to help gauge customer experience.
Finding a software or tool, that is an extension of your customer service will be one
of the best investments you make for your business. If any of the above tips sounded
like something your business could improve on, then there is a software that is
perfect for your business. Bouncehelp, is the world’s first engagement software, to
use behavioral learning algorithms, that turn website visitors into incoming phone
calls. The software can determine the exact millisecond a visitor will leave your site,
which once triggered displays the visitor a custom offer. It features a user friendly
contact button, with a super fast connection that allows visitors to request or
schedule a call, that can be arranged in as little as 9 seconds. It also offers call
recording, which will help support training for new staff and allow team members to
go back and listen to each call, to jot down any important information they may have
missed. It’s Mobile Connect feature means visitors can easily contact your business
on the go. This ensures your customers receive a great user experience, no matter
what the device and no matter where they are. Best of all, you can sign up and try it
for FREE.

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